How Lotus Pro Works

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The Process

Transforms water into aqueous ozone on-the-spot. It provides residue-free performance for a longer lasting clean and low slip/fall hazard on even the smoothest floors.

  1. Cold tap water enters the lotus® PRO Stabilization Module.
  2. The lotus® PRO Stabilization Module mixes with the cold tap water stream, expanding the cleaning time up to 24 hours*.
  3. Treated water leaves the lotus® PRO Stabilization Module.
  4. Water passes through the FloJet connector, which prevents back flow with air lock, then enters the lotus® PRO High Capacity Unit.
  5. Oxygen enters the dispenser through the replaceable filter cartridge.
  6. 4,500 volts of electricity transforms O2 to O3.
  7. Ozone gas that is not saturated in the water is separated and safely dispensed as oxygen.
  8. Aqueous ozone leaves the dispenser to fill mop buckets, trigger sprayers, auto scrubbers and carpet extractors.

Our patented lotus® Cleaning System transforms ordinary tap water into the world’s most effective chemical-free commercial cleaner by infusing it with ozone.

Regulatory Information

FDA Safe Designation: 21CFR184.1563

EPA Site Reg. No.: 89093-CAN-001

OSHA: Off-gas O3 < .01 ppm PEL

CSA & UL: USA/Canada compliant

Green Standard: Exceeds GS-37 guidelines

California Code: Exceeds regular limits on VOC’s

USDA: Organic Program compliant

EPA: DIS/TSS-4 sanitizer test passed

TURI Ratings: Safety screening score: 50 out of 50. Zero global warming; Zero ozone depletion; Zero VOCs